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How Mature Is Your Kubernetes Deployment

Kubernetes Maturity Model eBook

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Whether you’re new to Kubernetes or already have experience deploying it, K8s is complex. Organizations adopting cloud native technologies need guidance to navigate their way through those complexities, understand what’s next, and how to get the most out of their Kubernetes environment.

This new Kubernetes Maturity Model eBook provides an excellent overview of Kubernetes adoption to help you identify where you are in your Kubernetes journey and how to get to the next level. Understand gaps in your environment and gain insights that will help you enhance and improve your Kubernetes stack. Our goal is to help you understand where you need to focus attention or when you might need help during your journey to cloud native.

What’s next in your Kubernetes maturity journey? Learn about the five primary phases:

  1. Transform: How to set up Kubernetes infrastructure and shift workloads

  2. Deploy: What process to implement from CI/CD through production

  3. Build Confidence: When to select add-ons, use monitoring tools, and establish standards

  4. Improve operations and control: How to improve cluster security, efficiency and reliability

  5. Optimize & Automate: What to measure and how to ensure control

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