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The Guide to Kubernetes Cost Optimization

Why it's hard and how to do it well to embrace a FinOps model

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As cloud adoption has skyrocketed, the need to manage cloud cost has become standard practice. While there are many companies that help organizations manage cloud spend, as cloud native technologies are adopted, that management layer gets vague. For those organizations that have adopted containers and Kubernetes, cost allocation and optimization quickly becomes a blackhole for platform engineering leaders and the finance team. 

Allocation, optimization and management of Kubernetes is understanding and having visibility into associated costs. It’s the process of providing cost transparency to financial teams to compare spend against allocated budget and enable show back/charge backs that delivers a true FinOps culture. 

This guide helps both platform engineers and DevOps leaders, as well as finance teams, understand the challenges around Kubernetes cost optimization. 

  • Gain a technical overview of why right-sizing applications in Kubernetes is hard 
  • View suggestions on how to do it better, including digging into both open source and commercial solutions
  • Learn how organizations can apply the benefits of the FinOps discipline to ensure costs are aligned with application performance requirements 

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