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A Practical Guide to Kubernetes Compliance and SOC 2

Tips on achieving SOC 2 compliance from real world experience

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Adopting cloud native technologies like Kubernetes presents new compliance challenges. Because containers can be stopped, destroyed, rebuilt and replaced with minimum setup and configuration, it can be difficult to identify if you are compliant in the first place—or to know when a container no longer complies. 

Kubernetes comes with a wide range of challenges, but for those in regulated industries or where companies want to differentiate, effective compliance is critical. 

This paper discusses SOC 2 compliance and Kubernetes. It provides:

  • Tips that Fairwinds learned from achieving SOC 2 compliance, including how Kubernetes governance software can help

  • Information on how codified  policies drive proper Kubernetes governance to enable transparency and accountability while minimizing risk

  • Details on how to centralize and enforce policies across Kubernetes clusters—and apply them  to a dynamic, ever-changing environment

  • Advice on automating compliance throughout the application life cycle


This paper is ideal for any leader working with Kubernetes and responsible for DevSecOps, security or compliance. 

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