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Building a Better Kubernetes Platform: How Right-sizing Saves Time and Money

Kubernetes Clinic

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Originally recorded Wednesday March 27, 2024

2 PM ET / 11 AM PT

Featured Speakers:

Joe Pelletier, VP Product Strategy - Fairwinds

John Slivka, Senior Software Engineer - Fairwinds

Join Joe Pelletier, VP of Product Strategy, and John Slivka, Senior Software Engineer, as they delve into the essential strategies for measuring and optimizing your Kubernetes spending, addressing the critical question of why it’s necessary in today’s landscape. They will explore techniques for right-sizing containers to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness in your Kubernetes environment. They’ll also discuss the key stakeholders involved in managing and optimizing Kubernetes costs, distinguishing between manual and automated approaches. You’ll come away knowing:

  • How to optimize your Kubernetes spend by right-sizing containers

  • Who’s involved in managing and optimizing Kubernetes costs

  • Manual vs. automated approaches and the benefits or drawbacks of each

We’ll also walk through a short demo of how Fairwinds Insights can help put guardrails in place that help you automatically right-size your environment for cost optimization and efficiency.

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