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Kubernetes Clinic -  Open Source Project Pluto and Nova: How to Find Deprecated Resources and Out of Date Helm Charts Webinar Recording


Originally recorded on Thursday September 15, 2022

1 PM ET / 10 AM PT

Featured Speakers:

Andy Suderman, CTO - Fairwinds

Stevie Caldwell, Tech Lead - Fairwinds

To run production-grade Kubernetes environments, organizations continuously need to upgrade to the latest version and update add-ons. Keeping track of deprecated resources or updated add-on versions can be challenging. 

In this Kubernetes Clinic, Andy Suderman and Stevie Caldwell discuss open source projects Pluto and Nova and demonstrate each tool. 

- Pluto is a utility to help users find deprecated Kubernetes APIs in code repositories and helm releases.

- Nova scans clusters for installed Helm charts, then cross-checks them against all known Helm repositories. It will alert users if it finds an updated or deprecated version of the chart.

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