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Building a Better Kubernetes Platform: The Art of Kubernetes Right-Sizing

Kubernetes Clinic

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Originally recorded on Wednesday November 15, 2023

1 PM ET / 10 AM PT

Featured Speakers:

Robert Brennan, VP Product Development - Fairwinds

To achieve right-sizing in Kubernetes, you can use tools and practices like monitoring, autoscaling, and resource requests and limits. Regularly reviewing and adjusting your resource allocations based on real usage and performance metrics is essential. See how Robert Brennan, VP of Fairwinds uses Fairwinds Insights to take the guesswork out of CPU, memory, disk and network allocation. Right-size Kubernetes to identify savings, make performance improvements or both.

  • Get accurate and actionable resource recommendations

  • Identify areas of wasteful CPU and memory spend

  • Find opportunities to reduce costs without impacting application performance

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