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Kubernetes Clinic -  Kubernetes: The Good, The Bad and The Misconfigured  Webinar Recording



Originally Recorded Monday May 23, 2022

1 PM ET / 11 AM PT

Featured Presenters:

Rachel Sweeney, Insights Enablement Engineer - Fairwinds

John Hashem, Technical Account Manager - Fairwinds

Misconfigurations in the world of Kubernetes happen all the time. And they are a big deal, as improper configuration affects important factors like container security, efficiency and reliability. These three high-level constructs are inextricably linked to successful Kubernetes deployments—and notably, they are also the three main areas impacted by erroneous configurations. When problems around security, efficiency and reliability are not consciously addressed with best practices, key elements of Kubernetes ownership like cost efficiency, user experience and overall performance are seriously affected. 

The good news is, all three of these important areas can be continually improved and managed simply by focusing on proper configuration. This is the key to running happy and secure Kubernetes clusters. 

In this Kube Clinic, we demo some of the good, bad and misconfigured in Kubernetes. Watch as we demo:

- Misconfigurations problems

- What it means to the business 

- How to solve Kubernetes misconfiguration 

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