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2024 Kubernetes Benchmark Report - See How Your Organization Stacks Up

Kubernetes Clinic

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Originally recorded on Tuesday January 30, 2024

1 PM ET / 10 AM PT

Featured Speakers:

Joe Pelletier, VP Product Strategy - Fairwinds

Join Joe Pelletier, VP of Product Strategy at Fairwinds as he reviews the key findings in our 2024 Kubernetes Benchmark Report. It summarizes insights gathered from analyzing over 330,000 Kubernetes workloads.

Key positive findings include:

  • One third of organizations lack container rightsizing

  • Reduction in privileged escalation issues

  • Decrease in root access workloads

Additional findings show that areas of concern remain, including: 

  • Increase in image vulnerabilities impacting workloads

  • Rise in outdated container images affecting 46% of workloads

  • 58% of workloads missing network policy

  • 55% of organizations face stability issues due to missing replicas

Join us to see how your organization stacks up!

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