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The Journey From Heroku To Kubernetes In Five Steps

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When companies start out, their applications are small and simple. Because they don’t know how their app is going to grow or how their application is going to scale, PaaS is an ideal environment. Many companies start using Heroku because it has a great web interface, no servers to manage and a UI that allows developers to get up and running quickly.
However, if you’ve been using Heroku, there comes a point when you’ll outgrow the one-size-fits-all PaaS. That’s where Kubernetes enters. What do you need to know when moving from Heroku to Kubernetes? Join Fairwind's President Kendall Miller along with two of our seasoned SREs Nate Baker and Ivan Fetch as they guided you through five steps on how to migrate from Heroku to Kubernetes including:


*Know why you are moving to Kubernetes 
*Putting a plan into place

*Optimizing for Security, Reliability, and Efficiency

and more...

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