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The Hidden Cost of Open Source:

Why you can't afford free

Webinar Recording


Originally recorded on Thursday February 11, 2021

1 PM ET / 11 AM PT

Featured speakers: Robert Brennan, Director of Open Source, and Elisa Hebert, Vice President Engineering Operations at Fairwinds.

When building an application, often the most important technical decisions come down to what to build yourself, and where to rely on third parties. Thanks to a vibrant open source ecosystem, modern teams can focus on delivering features that delight users and differentiate their product, relying on third parties for the parts of your application that are undifferentiated and outside your core competency.

Watch Robert Brennan, Director of Open Source and Elisa Hebert, VP of Engineering Ops at Fairwinds as they covered the pros and cons of leveraging free software for your mission critical apps. They discussed:

*What to consider when evaluating open source

*How security and reliability can be impacted

*A case study of developing a Kubernetes auditing strategy to showcase what to consider

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