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How to Increase Kubernetes Migration Success with Guardrails

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Want to migrate applications to Kubernetes faster with standards in place?

Learn why to put Kubernetes guardrails in place as you migrate applications to help you realize the benefits of cloud native technology faster. Read to learn:

  • Challenges of migration without guardrails

  • How guardrails help teams go faster

  • How to set up and enforce guardrails


“One of the big things we monitor, and that's important to solve at an organization level are security and compliance standards that need to be in place for every team. We don’t necessarily want the teams to know about it, we want to make it easy to do the right thing without blocking productivity. That's why we use Fairwinds Insights to manage Kubernetes security and compliance at PagerDuty.”

Tristan Bates, SRE Platform Engineering Manager at PagerDuty



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