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CloudZero Kubernetes Clinic



Kubernetes Cost Considerations - Why Best Practices in Kubernetes Will Save You Money



Originally recorded on Thursday, October 29, 2020

12:30 PM ET/ 9:30 AM PT

Featured speaker: Erik Peterson, CTO and Co-Founder, CloudZero

While cost optimization is often one of the key drivers behind moving to Kubernetes, companies often experience mixed results. One of the reasons is that getting visibility into and control over Kubernetes can be complicated. In this episode of Kubernetes Cost Clinics, Erik Peterson, CTO and Co-founder at CloudZero, discussed how you can get the cost visibility you need in order to optimize your Kubernetes costs. He’ll discuss:
  • How you can get granular visibility into your kubernetes costs, including cost per cluster, pod, and namesspace—along with which metrics and cost KPIs you should be monitoring
  • Architectural best practices for cost optimized kubernetes and steps you can take to optimize your existing infrastructure
  • How you can put your Kubernetes costs into business context and align them with your products and features

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