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CircleCI Kubernetes Clinic


You Want To Kubernetes? You MUST Know Containers!


Originally recorded on Thursday September 17, 2020
1 PM ET/ 11 AM PT
Featured speaker: Angel Rivera, Developer Advocate, CircleCI
Achieving velocity is the new normal in software development and release practices. The adoption of DevOps practices and tooling is at the core of these gains. Container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes (K8s) are incredibly powerful and teams of all shapes and sizes are finding it very difficult to get started. Often, this can be attributed to the lack of foundational skill sets required to succeed in their Kubernetes journey, including a lack of knowledge and experience with containers.

Having a deep understanding of containers is paramount to successfully adopt and operate K8s. In this talk we'll discuss skill sets that individuals & teams must develop prior to starting with K8s, to include aspects of container runtimes. Attendees will walk away with a solid grasp of containers that will prepare them for their Kubernetes initiatives.

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