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DevOps -Who Owns Kubernetes? Why And How Service Ownership

Webinar Recording


Originally recorded on Tuesday Aug 3, 2021

1 PM ET / 11 AM PT

Featured speakers: Kendall Miller, President and Joe Pelletier, VP of Product Strategy at Fairwinds.

Is your organization truly embracing DevOps? Do you embrace the “code it, ship it, own it” mentality?

Cloud native and Kubernetes service ownership enables teams to improve security, accountability, reliability, and make continuous improvements to applications and services because any sufficiently large organization cannot gate keep everything through an Ops team. And with all the talk in security circles about DevSecOps and the need to “shift left”, service ownership is a strong way for ensuring that this can actually happen.

Join Kendall Miller, President and Joe Pelletier, VP of Products at Fairwinds as they provide guidelines and best practices for DevOps executives and practitioners to implement service ownership in some of these key areas:

*Establishing policies for determining who takes service ownership of which parts of the application

*Gaining visibility into service ownership to monitor what’s happening in a cluster

*Empowering service ownership across Kubernetes and containers

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