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DevOps Webinar Kubernetes Management: Opportunities & Challenges

Webinar Recording


Originally Recorded on Monday June 14, 2021

Featured speakers:

Kendall Miller, President at Fairwinds

Ran Ribenzaft, CTO at Epsagon

Jimmy Alvarez, Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat

As more organizations adopt cloud-native technologies to advance their digital transformation and application development efforts, many are unprepared for the complexity of managing the Kubernetes clusters on which these applications are deployed. Currently there are three primary ways to manage Kubernetes: one Kubernetes cluster for all applications, virtual clusters for applications, or fleets of separate clusters for each application. Each one comes with both pros and cons depending on various factors including use case and even cloud infrastructure.

In this webinar, they explored the opportunities and challenges that currently exist with Kubernetes management and take a deep dive into existing ways to manage various Kubernetes environments effectively.

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