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DevOps.com Webinar - Common Kubernetes Challenges Solved

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Recorded on Thursday June 9, 2022

1 PM ET / 11 AM PT

Featured Presenters:

Rachel Sweeney, Insights Enablement Engineer - Fairwinds

Grace Gude, SRE - Fairwinds

Kubernetes is hard, and it can be easy for imposter syndrome to show up when trying to figure out how all the different pieces fit together and interact. This happens over and over again at organizations at all stages of maturity. This talk covers common patterns and mistakes as seen from the perspective of a kubernetes certified service provider that helps other companies get up to speed and succeed with using kubernetes. Topics include how to think about:

  • Deploying to Kubernetes 
    How to keep everything organized and deploy things to kubernetes at scale

  • Security 
    Vulnerabilities never stop coming out. How to keep an eye on these and resolve these issues.

  • Keeping Kubernetes up to date 
    Deprecated APIs, out of date Helm charts and more

  • Scalability 
    How to deploy resources to a cluster in a scalable way while thinking about security, efficiency, and reliability.


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