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DevOps -Most Common Misconfigurations in Kubernetes: Benchmarking in K8s Webinar Recording


Originally recorded on Wednesday Dec 1, 2021

1 PM ET / 11 AM PT

Featured presenters:

Kendall Miller, President - Fairwinds

Joe Pelletier, Vice President Product Strategy - Fairwinds

Robert Brennan, Director of Open Source - Fairwinds

Correct Kubernetes configuration is vital to the success of your cloud-native adoption. Without it, improving application reliability, security and efficiency remains elusive. While configuration validation might be easier in a small team with one or two clusters, DevOps teams, along with platform and security leaders, lack visibility into what’s actually happening in each cluster as the organization scales. The beauty of Kubernetes is its customization—but that customization can cause risk, downtime or wasted resources.

The Kubernetes Configuration Benchmark Report has been created based on results from 105,000 workloads and hundreds of organizations using the Fairwinds Insights platform. It serves as a tool for Kubernetes users to benchmark against. The report is divided into three sections and focuses on reliability, security and efficiency.

This webinar showcases the findings of the report and discusses each. Kendall Miller, president of Fairwinds, will moderate a conversation between Joe Pelletier and Robert Brennan on how Kube users stack up and what they need to do to ensure secure, reliable and efficient clusters.

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