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DevOps - Open Source Tools That Will Change How You Manage Kubernetes

Webinar Recording


Originally recorded on Tuesday July 27, 2021

3 PM ET / 12 PM PT

Featured speakers: Robert Brennan, Director of Open Source and Andy Suderman, Director of R&D and Technology Pelletier at Fairwinds.

Don’t let managing, monitoring and upgrading Kubernetes break you. These four open source projects can help you improve Kubernetes so you can ensure secure, reliable and efficient clusters. Robert and Andy discussed four auditing open source projects including Polaris, Goldilocks, Nova and Pluto.

Learn how these auditing tools can help you:

*Ensure consistent cluster configuration

*Right size your resource configuration settings

*Detect usage of deprecated and removed Kubernetes resources

*Find outdated Helm charts in your cluster

Robert and Andy will also discussed the challenges of running open source projects at scale - across multiple teams and clusters. They’ll highlight ways you can ensure secure and compliant clusters.

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