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DevOps Webinar Recording - Why Kubernetes is the

Black Hole of FinOps



Originally recorded on Thursday August 4, 2022

1 PM ET / 11 AM PT

Featured Speakers:

Robert Brennan, VP of Product Development - Fairwinds

Kendall Miller, Technical Evangelist - Fairwinds

Rachel Sweeney, Insights Enablement Engineer - Fairwinds

Lately, FinOps has become another buzzword in the cloud-native ecosystem. The goal is to ensure that financial teams and ops teams are aligned and that there is ownership and accountability over cloud spend. That requires the measurement and tracking of financial (aka cloud) spend against budgets, revenue targets and business goals.

There are many great tools that exist to track cloud spend. However, one persistent area of concern is containers and Kubernetes: The “black hole” of FinOps. In this session, we review what that means and how to manage it.

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