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Cloud & Kubernetes Failures & Successes in a Multi-everything World

Webinar Recording

Originally recorded on Thursday April 22, 2021

1 PM ET / 10 AM PT

Featured speakers:

Corey Quinn, Chief Cloud Economist, The Duckbill Group

Kendall Miller, President at Fairwinds

Ivan Fetch, Solutions Architect at Fairwinds

Today’s use of multiple clouds across multiple teams with multiple ways of implementing Kubernetes introduces complexity. This complexity can cause security challenges, wasted budget, and downtime. But there is tremendous value the cloud and Kubernetes provides are agility, scale and flexibility. Successful outcomes require companies to be aligned on technical and business goals.

Corey, Kendall, and Ivan covered cloud and kubernetes failures and successes. They will discuss the importance of gaining visibility into this multi-everything cloud native world.

Watch this webinar to learn:

*Where teams fail with cloud and Kubernetes

*Steps to avoid failure

*Why visibility is key to successful business and technical outcomes

Kendall Miller, President of Fairwinds, was one of the first hires at Fairwinds and has spent the past 6 years making the dream of disrupting infrastructure a reality, while keeping his finger on the pulse of changing demands in the market and valuable partnership opportunities.

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