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ClusterOps Advisory integrates Kubernetes expertise and open source software so you can confidently run reliable, scalable, and secure Kubernetes clusters.

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ClusterOps Advisory Accelerates your Kubernetes Journey

Unlike consultants that are expensive and may not provide the scale or agility to meet your business needs, or pure-play software solutions that require staffing, expertise, and months of planning, Fairwinds offers
human-to-human access to Site Reliability Engineers (SREs). Fairwinds’ SREs “teach you to fish” with a unique approach based on hundreds of successful Kubernetes production deployments and years of open source software innovation and best practices.
production workloads.



Count on Fairwinds when things go wrong
Gain the Confidence You Need to Run Kubernetes
Stay Focused on what matters most

Small and medium-sized enterprises want to focus on getting applications and services to market by transitioning to cloud-native infrastructure; however, the complexity of doing so is daunting to most engineering teams. Developing experts on the infrastructure team takes time and ongoing education, which increases costs and risk and negatively impacts time-to-market. Building a cluster is increasingly easy; however, building it well and using it right is still difficult for most.

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Avoid costly trial-and-error

Learn Kubernetes without risking project delays or blocking technical issues. ClusterOps Advisory clients can save up to 40 hours per month, per engineer, by leveraging Fairwinds expertise and software during their Kubernetes journey.

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Accelerate time-to-market to drive revenue

ClusterOps Advisory enables your engineering resources to stay focused on what matters most - your application and services. With Fairwinds best practices, software, and expertise, you can implement Kubernetes confidently without impacting product roadmap or delivery schedules.

Our first step is to understand your business
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Save money

Rely on cloud services expertise to supplement your engineering team’s knowledge. Learn from Fairwinds’ Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) how to scale workloads efficiently and reliably through the use of open source and Fairwinds software.
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Deploy with confidence

Learn from Fairwinds’ Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) how to keep your application highly available, scalable, and secure. Fairwinds’ production-grade infrastructure, open source software, and expertise has been battle-tested across hundreds of production environments.

Fairwinds Insights has made it much easier for us to plan infrastructure improvements. The platform allows us to gain a deeper understanding of the health and performance of our clusters, trace down problematic configuration affecting our workloads, and strengthen our security posture. All from a clean, centralized interface.

Dominic O'Kane | Senior Cloud Engineer, Sidecar

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