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Container Journal Webinar -  Container and Kubernetes Management Recording


Originally recorded on Monday June 27, 2022

3 PM ET / 12 PM PT

Featured presenters:

Nung Bedell, CRE/SRE - Fairwinds
Roxana Ciobanu, Co-founder & CTO - Bunnyshell
Josh Hoge, Senior Sales Engineer -  StrongDM
Jared Curtis,  Cloud Architect - Everbridge
Haseeb Budhani, Co-Founder and CEO - Rafay Systems
Jacob Graves, Security Engineer - Orca Security
Mike Vizard, Chief Content Officer - Techstrong

Kubernetes is one of the most complex IT platforms ever built. Now that fleets of Kubernetes clusters are being deployed in enterprise IT environments, the need to make management easier has become much more urgent. IT teams are now looking for management frameworks that will enable IT administrators to use graphical tools to manage Kubernetes clusters at scale alongside DevOps professionals. The management of Kubernetes clusters is about to become the next great IT team sport.

This panel will discuss the opportunities and challenges faced as enterprise organizations increasingly turn to Kubernetes in their environments. 

- What management frameworks are out there, and how can you best use them? 
- How can IT and DevOps professionals best work together to make sure enterprises can create value with their Kubernetes cluster deployments?

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