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Container Journal Webinar - Shipping Applications Faster with Kubernetes: Myth or Reality?


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Originally recorded on Wednesday, February 8, 2023

1 PM ET / 10 AM PT

Featured presenters:

Andy Suderman, CTO - Fairwinds
Danielle Cook, Co-Chair of CNCF Cartografos Working Group and VP - Fairwinds
Grace Gude, Engineering Manager - Fairwinds
Nung Bedell, SRE/CRE - Fairwinds
Ship faster! Improve your velocity! Speed up your SDLC with Kubernetes! These claims all sound great, but are they for real, or just convenient myths? Have the benefits of Kubernetes been oversold? Are you a small platform engineering team outnumbered by developers? Find out what's real and what's not in this webinar.

In this program we discuss why the benefits of Kubernetes (shipping applications faster, scalability, reliability) are only possible with guardrails

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