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Case Studies

1. Introduction

“Park Assist is a price sensitive manufacturer and provider of parking guidance system technology that competes with ultrasonic and other camera-based solutions with superior advanced technology. Park Assist systems drive greater performance, increased revenue, better efficiency, increased security, safety, an elevated parker experience and ROI.”

Ilan Goodman, CTO

2. Problem - Optimize Infrastructure Performance, Scalability, and Availability

Park Assist® is the world’s only patented, camera-based parking guidance system. Their advanced technology systems drive greater performance, more revenue and increased security.

Park Assist wanted to make management of their intricate network design as effective as possible. Key goals included bringing innovative products to market quickly and supporting their continued growth. Other goals included ideally positioning their production and development environments, improving scaling and continuing to improve config management efficiencies for all components of their infrastructure.

3. Solution - Reliable, Scalable Kubernetes-based Infrastructure

Fairwinds simplified Park Assist’s infrastructure using their framework, reducing complexity by delivering two Kubernetes clusters that segregated live (production) and non-live (working) environments, implementing a high-availability networking solution and automating infrastructure provisioning through config management. By onboarding their applications into Kubernetes, we enabled their critical applications to remain stable, available and accessible without interruption.

As part of this process, we refined their build pipeline to enable continuous testing and integration so the software artifacts tested and deployed in the non-live environment would be the same artifacts deployed into the live environment. With Kubernetes, they can now automatically scale up their clusters as soon as they need them and scale them back down to save money when they don’t.

4. ClusterOps Brings Operations Simplicity, Speed, and Stability

Park Assist is excited about continuing to onboard applications into the cluster with our ongoing guidance and support. Now their engineering team can concentrate on developing new applications and building new application features instead of dividing their time addressing important yet time-consuming operations needs.

Fairwinds maintains responsibility for all infrastructure alerts and operations of the new infrastructure, and it’s our job to optimize operations uptime and productivity. Our expertise in simplifying infrastructure and in diagnosing and resolving problems rapidly keeps operations up and running. Today, a new developer at Park Assist could potentially deliver a new application within days and have it quickly hosted on the Kubernetes cluster.

ClusterOps is saving time and money and bringing Park Assist exceptional short-term and long-term future value by driving better business outcomes more rapidly.

5. What Park Assist is Saying

“Our time to delivery has sped up considerably as a result of our new Kubernetes clusters. Our infrastructure reinforces our ability to run our business efficiently and enables our engineers to focus their time on development. We’re thrilled to have Fairwinds as our partner.”

Ilan Goodman, CTO

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