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Remote Work Tips and Tricks for Your Engineering Team: Panel Discussion


With the current state of the COVID-19 coronavirus, many companies are deciding to move their workforce out of the office to fully remote. This can be a daunting task for engineering teams that work closely together on their technology stacks. 

Engineering Leaders from Stripe, GitLab, Fairwinds, Cloud Foundry Foundation, and Zapier  discuss strategies for keeping your engineering teams productive and engaged. Their unique experience managing teams both in the office and remote will provide you with the right tools and insight for managing your team effectively. 


kateKate Taggart (they/them)
Engineering Manager, Stripe

Kate has managed a variety of teams from colocated to partially and fully remote, even distributed across different continents. Kate's technical experience spans areas ranging from power grid resiliency to FinTech to infrastructure and monitoring software.

Brandon Jung (he/him)brandon
VP Alliances, GitLab | Board of Director Linux Foundation

Before joining GitLab Brandon founded and built the Google Cloud ecosystem that includes technology companies as diverse as Red Hat, Docker, Cloudera, Pivotal and Tableau as well as companies with deep cloud expertise like Cloud Technology Partners, Agosto, CI&T, Accenture and McKinsey.  In his time outside of work, Brandon can be found having fun outdoors with his wife and three children in Denver, CO and supporting the growth of open source as a board member of the Linux Foundation. He is a fairly wicked golfer and has a true passion for global humanitarian efforts.

sarahSarah Zelechoski (she/her)
VP of Engineering, Fairwinds

Sarah's unique background in DevOps and infrastructure enabled her to transition into the Kubernetes ecosystem. Today, her teams help companies build and maintain reliable, scalable, and secure Kubernetes clusters using a combination of open source technology, automation, best practices and expertise.


Swarna Podila (she/her)
Senior Director, Community, Cloud Foundry Foundation

Swarna leads community efforts at Cloud Foundry Foundation, fostering collaboration and promoting kindness. Prioritizing people over technology, she focuses on finding and amplifying the untold stories and lesser-known innovations of the people who comprise the Cloud Foundry community.

KristinaKristina Kemmer (she/her)
Director of Engineering, Zapier

Kristina is an engineering leader that has been building and empowering teams to deliver customer value for over 15 years. She is currently at Zapier leading the product engineering teams building their consumer products. She lives in West Arvada with her wife, three daughters, and two dogs.