Fairwinds Now Offering In-Person Kubernetes Trainings and Advisory

When Fairwinds began three and half years ago we were a small ragtag group of engineers and sales people trying to hire talent that the big folks weren’t going after because of their location. Part of our pitch from the beginning was that we weren’t just a remote-friendly company, were remote only. And as part of that we almost never asked our engineers to travel for work.

To this day the vast majority of our work is delivered fully remote, and thanks to tools like Slack and Zoom this isn’t just doable, we’re able to be proud of the level of service we can offer remotely. There is, however, always a place for folks to appear in person and help out with a specific problem and increasingly our people are excited about the opportunity to come and sit with your team in person.

One thing that seems to just work better in-person is trainings.

For over a year now we have been offering Kuberentes 101 training classes for free in conjunction with Google in places like San Francisco, New York, Austin, Denver, Seattle. In the next few months we’ll be expanding and offering these in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and returning for more in New York and San Francisco. We even partnered with AWS and offered our first EKS training just last week.

Most companies stand up a Kubernetes cluster(orset of clusters) once — or maybe a handful of times — and then do the work to keep them running. We stand up clusters all the time for new clients and we maintain more Kuberentes-based infrastructure than almost anyone else out there. As a result our engineers have a incredible wealth of knowledge around what it takes to build and maintain Kubernetes-based infrastructure.

We’ve been doing testing it for a few months, but I’m happy to share that we now have offerings for an engineer to fly out and sit with your team in person to whiteboard new ideas, process complex and unique issues and offer help through our open source tooling and other tools out there — we call this”In-personAdvisory.” We also offer trainings where we can come on-site to train your people as you start to dip your toe in the Kubernetes world, or get started with something like Istio. We can build and maintain the entire infrastructure for you, but whether we do or not, it’s always helpful for your people to have a good foundation for what’s going on behind the scenes.

So whether you’re looking at Kubernetes for the first time and need help in a 101, you’ve been using it for years and are running in to complex issues, or you’ve decided now is the time to go all in on Istio, we have a training or in-person advisory we can tailor for you and your team.

There are lots of roads to cloud native, we have service offerings for just about anyone looking to get there, one just happens to include someone on an airplane through physical clouds to sit in the same room as you and help you find your way.