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Mitigate Kubernetes Risk with Vulnerabilities Explorer

For DevOps security leaders, knowing what vulnerabilities exist in Kubernetes clusters is critical, but only part of the problem. Once risks are identified, a plan of action is needed to mitigate risk. According to Red Hat’s 2022 State of Kubernetes Security Report, 43% of organizations consider DevOps the most responsible role for Kubernetes security. As companies shift to using more cloud-native technologies, DevOps becomes one of the most important factors in securing applications.

Prioritization is an important part of vulnerability management. Taking inventory of what images are running and understanding their relative risk profile is quickly becoming a basic expectation. Beyond that, DevOps teams are faced with additional questions, such as:

  1. Is this a first-party or third-party image?

  2. Which team is responsible for this image?

  3. Are there newer versions of the image with fewer vulnerabilities?

  4. Do we need to upgrade any of the packages within the image?

  5. How can we catch these issues next time before they make it to production?

Fairwinds adds Vulnerability Explorer to Reduce Kubernetes Risk

Fairwinds Insights has added functionality and a new design to the Vulnerabilities Explorer to enable teams to easily understand risk at a high level, and address those with the biggest impact. (Watch video tour below).

You can use Fairwinds Insights for free, forever. Get it here.

Insights identifies top CVEs, riskiest workloads, and most vulnerable container packages. Teams can also choose to view data by images or vulnerabilities, providing flexibility to focus on the most relevant context. The Vulnerabilities Explorer further supports time savings by providing automated upgrade recommendations with projected vulnerability reduction counts.

Overview of Images

Teams get an overview of images with vulnerabilities, as well as details on impacted workloads and risk reduction recommendations.


Details on Impacted Workloads and Risk Reduction Recommendations

Teams get an overview of images with vulnerabilities, as well as details on impacted workloads and risk reduction recommendations.


View Vulnerabilities and Determine the ImpactUsers are able to view Vulnerabilities, and determine the impact of CVEs in their organization.


With Fairwinds Insights, DevOps leaders can accelerate adoption of DevSecOps and empower teams to remediate vulnerabilities for images they own – ultimately reducing time-to-fix and increasing speed to market.