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Is Your Kubernetes Infrastructure Production-Grade?

Kubernetes is a powerful open source platform for managing containers that enables declarative configuration and automation. It can be fully customizable to be the PaaS your business requires. This extensibility and customization are huge benefits, but they do come with some caveats.

While it may appear easy to set up your first Kubernetes clusters, it’s a team’s responsibility to get clusters configured correctly and built to production grade standards. However there is no right way to deploy Kubernetes. With a landscape full of open source and commercialized products, are you taking advantage of all the capabilities Kubernetes has to offer?

The reality is teams may lack experience to get Kubernetes deployed to a production-grade standard. At the same time, these teams may *think* they’ve done it right, but lack the confidence in the environment. Unfortunately there can be uncertainty around how to scale and maintain systems with the consistency required of production-grade deployments without building up technical debt.

Teams need a consistent approach that ensures Kubernetes best practices for security, efficiency, and reliability are followed so that they don’t fear embracing the technology and building/migrating an application to the new platform.

Kubernetes Audit and Improve

This is exactly why we have created Kubernetes Audit and Improve: to help teams confidently establish production-grade Kubernetes infrastructure.

A combination of services and software, Kubernetes Audit and Improve helps teams avoid unnecessary trial and error, prevents technical debt and ensures teams realize the full benefits of Kubernetes infrastructure. Audit and Improve is a Fairwinds service that audits your Kubernetes environments, provides a plan for improvement according to established best practices and offers on-going validation that enforces security, efficiency, and reliability.

Our team of SREs, using purpose-built automation, will audit your environment, suggest improvements and be available to support your team via Slack as changes are implemented. Then from this baseline, Fairwinds Insights provides the configuration validation software to help ensure on-going maintenance and best practice use of the production-grade environment.

Get Kubernetes security, cost allocation and avoidance, compliance and guardrails in one platform for free with Fairwinds Insights.

Fairwinds Audit and Improve will not just get your Kubernetes infrastructure to production-grade, it is a partnership with your DevOps and Engineering teams that ensures you successfully run Kubernetes now and in the future.

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