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Introducing Fairwinds Insights - Managing Kubernetes Configuration for security, efficiency and reliability

Maintaining secure, efficient, and reliable Kubernetes apps is increasingly complex and time-consuming. The Fairwinds engineering team wanted a better way. 

Kubernetes misconfigurations can introduce security vulnerabilities, erase resource efficiency gains and impact reliability. The Fairwinds engineering team created Fairwinds Insights to help optimize and protect your critical Kubernetes workloads. After months of beta testing, Fairwinds Insights is now GA!

Watch Bill Ledingham, CEO of Fairwinds and former VP of Engineering at Black Duck / Synopsys, and VP of Strategy, Joe Pelletier, and learn how Fairwinds Insights improves your Kubernetes security, efficiency, and reliability. See in 30 minutes how you can:

  • Improve security: Fairwinds Insights audits your workloads and validates configurations for weaknesses and container vulnerabilities.
  • Reduce costs: Gain visibility into application resource usage to adjust CPU and memory settings to further optimize Kubernetes workloads.
  • Save time: Reduce cycle time and increase speed-to-market with built-in collaboration tools, notifications, workflows, and integrations into tools like Slack and DataDog.