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Fairwinds Release Notes: 5.6.0 - 6.1.0

We’ve been busy here at Fairwinds. This October, we upgraded many elements of our software, including improvements to our quality of service workloads, PagerDuty Integration, and navigation bar—plus, we performed several bug fixes. This blog will cover everything you need to know about the new releases 5.6.0-6.1.0 and how their advancements will affect the security and reliability of your Kubernetes ownership. 

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5.6.0 Quality of Service (QoS) for Workloads

The new QoS parameter allows users to indicate the importance of their workloads while also allowing Insights to recommend resources based on this parameter. From highest to lowest importance, the values are Critical, Guaranteed, Burstable and Limited. Bug fixes on this release include:

  • The Action Items count for a cluster no longer includes passing them in the Organizational Dashboard.
  • The Action Items table is now correctly filtering based on resolution. 
  • UI fixes to the Organization Dashboard were completed. 

5.7.0 PagerDuty Integration

Organizations can now set up the PagerDuty integration to automatically send incident events from Insights. Team management now displays a better error when inviting a user who is already part of the organization. You can learn more about our PagerDuty integration here

6.0.0 Renaming Navigation Bar Items

Some navigation items have been renamed as follows: Report Hub to Install Hub, Repos to All Repositories, and Clusters to All Clusters. Bug fixes include:

  • Main repositories pages are no longer using old Action Items badges. 
  • Admission Controller items are now loading after collapsing.
  • Links under the history bar graph on the Cluster Overview page are repaired.

6.1.0 New Prometheus Action Items

The Prometheus Collector report will now generate Action Items based on workload metrics. Loading time of the clusters table in the Organizational Dashboard is now faster, and various UI improvements across Insights have been made. 

You can view the full list of release notes here at any time. 

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