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Fairwinds Insights Release Notes 9.7-9.11: Spotlight on New Reports

We are always working on new features for Fairwinds Insights based on our customer feedback. We recently made several changes to our software. From bug fixes to new integrations, these release notes cover all our recent upgrades to Fairwinds Insights, the Kubernetes governance platform.

This month we’ve added new integrations to Azure DevOps and made AWS Costs, Right-Sizer and Falco reports easy to add to Insights. Read on to learn more. 


Right-Sizer, AWS Costs and Falco

We have added the Right-Sizer, AWS Costs and Falco reports to the Install Hub page. The Right-Sizer report can be added as usual using the Quick Add option under the report. However, the AWS Costs and Falco require more configuration and the Quick Add option is not available for those reports. Instead you will be taken to the documentation pages for those reports.

New NamespaceLabels and NamespaceAnnotations in Automation Rules

Users can now access namespace labels and namespace annotations for Action Items in Automation Rules. To access these values use ActionItem.NamespaceLabels and ActionItem.NamespaceAnnotations.


New Azure DevOps Integration

The new Azure DevOps integration allows organizations to connect their Azure DevOps to Insights and create tickets for Action Items manually or through Automation Rules. To learn more about the Azure DevOps integration visit the Azure DevOps documentation.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • When selecting the Efficiency page, the All Clusters view is always shown

  • By default, the Most Recent Data is selected in Efficiency

  • For new Image has vulnerabilities Action Items, the image is listed under the Description

  • Minor UI fixes throughout Insights

  • Nodes list in Efficiency page is now sorted by Role by default

  • Fixed Prometheus Collector documentation link

  • Fixed searching of nodes in Efficiency page

  • Node Capacity memory chart in Efficiency now displays correctly

  • Only organization owners are able to add new repositories to Insights

  • Health Scores are now using the new TimeScale DB so health scores may differ slightly

  • Users will find the following new information in the Home page:

    • Number of Average Nodes L30D (Last 30 days)

    • Number of Custom Policies Set

    • Number of Custom Rules Set

  • Users can now set a different scale for the Cluster Comparison in the Efficiency page

  • Fixed issue where repository names were being cut off in the Repositories page

  • The Name column under All Repositories is now expandable

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