Fairwinds Insights Release Notes 9.12-10.1: Spotlight on Autoscan Enhancements

This month’s Fairwinds Insights release notes offer a number of bug fixes and also enhancements to our autoscan feature. Designed for Platform Engineering Managers who need to roll out Infrastructure-as-Code scanning across multiple teams, Autoscan automatically discovers and scans YAML files and Helm charts in GitHub Repos and provides automated scanning - without requiring individual CI pipeline integrations. With Autoscan, Platform Engineering teams can configure Infrastructure-as-Code scanning in minutes - creating an immediate feedback loop so developers can fix issues faster. 

Learn more about the full features of the Kubernetes governance platform. 


Autoscan Logs

Repositories that have Autoscan turned on will now see an Autoscan Logs section at the bottom of their repository page. This will help users better debug issues with the Autoscan feature.

Autoscan Logs section in Fairwinds Insights


Re-Run Autoscan

Users are now able to re-run the Insights scan on their branches if the repository is set up with Autoscan. To do so, visit the Repositories page, select the repository and the branch and click the Re-Run Autoscan button.


Close Third Party Tickets for Fixed and Resolved Action Items

When an Action Item has a GitHub, Azure DevOps or Jira ticket associated with it and the Action Item is Fixed or Resolved, the third party ticket will automatically close.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Improvements for loading the Clusters page faster

  • Repositories that have Auto-Scan turned on will now have a scan status

  • New version of Nova in Insights Agent 2.6.11 will create Action Items for out of date containers

  • Fixed labels on Top Issues chart in Repositories

  • Fixed export function for the Vulnerabilities > All Images table

  • Fixed issue with creating tickets on Azure DevOps Scrum projects

  • Label column in Action Items cannot be sorted anymore

  • Improvement to the SSO Login flow

  • Changed the filters on the Recommended Tag column in Vulnerabilities

  • Users are no longer able to create compliance reports with the same names

  • The Log in with SSO link will prompt the user for their organization name

  • Fixed issue with Azure DevOps tickets not getting closed after Action Items are Resolved or Fixed

  • Fixed right-sizer description

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