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Fairwinds Insights Release Notes 7.2 - 7.6: Spotlight on Admission Controller Redesign

We have been busy working hard to improve the functionality and interface of our security and governance software, Fairwinds Insights. This set of February release notes covers all of our recent upgrades, including bug fixes, the ability to Snooze Action Items and an Admission Controller redesign. Follow us as we detail the exciting enhancements we’ve made this month to Insights, our policy-driven configuration validation platform. 

Feature Spotlight: 7.2.0 Admission Controller Redesign

Users of Fairwinds Insights will notice a completely new design for the Admission Controller page. which now has a chart customers can use to quickly access the  number of successful and failed admission requests for their Kubernetes clusters during a specific time range. The Action Items for each failed admission request will now appear on the right side of the table format. 

7.5.0 New Single Sign-On (SSO) Settings Page

Organizations can now set up SSO for Insights through the user interface. Setting up SSO requires a valid metadata URL and email domain. This capability enables users of Insights to enforce the use of SSO directly through the platform. 

Snoozing of Action Items

From a month to a week to a day, Insights customers can now Snooze Actions Items for a fixed period of time. This feature then sets the Action items Resolution to Snoozed. Users can take advantage of this feature for Action Items requiring non-priority remediation action. 

Insights also has improved two minor features. 

  1. Users can now create names for all Compliance reports to improve overall organization.
  2. Cost difference colors in the Workloads page have been changed to offer better accessibility. 

Bug Fixes and Improvements

For specific information on our recent bug fixes and improvement to Fairwinds Insights, please visit our Release Notes any time. 

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