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Fairwinds Insights Agent 2.0 | Release Notes: 7.12.0 - 8.1.0

Happy spring from Fairwinds! April has brought a lot of new improvements to the features and functionality of our SaaS governance platform for Kubernetes, Fairwinds Insights. Along with the usual bug fixes, this month’s release notes will cover several key upgrades, including a spotlight on Automation Rule Logs and announcements around the new release of Insights Agent 2.0. Continue reading to find out more about these recent enhancements to Insights and how you can make the most of its ever-improving capabilities. 

Insights Agent 2.0

We are excited to announce version 2.0 of our Insights Agent! This new release comes with some small breaking changes to improve the usability of the Helm Chart. While your existing 1.x installation will continue working as expected, you may need to change your values.yaml when upgrading to this new version. You can also expect some minor changes to Admission Controller and CI behavior when updating to Agent 2.0.

image of YAML file

To find out more about how users should proceed with these configuration changes and values.yaml updates, visit the Agent 2.0 Release Notes anytime

Feature Spotlight: 7.13.0 Automation Rule Log

In addition to some bug fixes, upgrade 7.13.0 includes a new tab to the Automation Rules page, where users can find logs for Automation Rules. This improvement makes it easier to debug Automation Rules by adding elements like console.log statements—or seeing any runtime errors. 

As a result of suggested image upgrades, Trivy will now search for available updates in the source repo, which resolves the CVEs present in the currently-installed image. Users will find these recommendations in the Remediation text with Trivy Action Items. 

Note: you will  need to update to the latest version of the Insights Agent (1.17.28) to take advantage of this functionality. 

image of Fairwinds Insights Automation Rules tab

7.12.0 Ability to Block Access for Teams

Another important feature upgrade this month includes the ability to block teams from accessing specific Namespaces and Repositories within Fairwinds Insights. Members of teams with specific access will no longer be able to see the Clusters, Namespaces and Repositories in the blocked list. Action Items can now be closed using the Esc keyboard button, offering better performance when searching on the Workloads page.

image of Fairwinds Insights Team Access functionality

8.1.0 New Cluster and Node Costs

This new page allows users to quickly visualize the amount of resources they are using compared to what is available. This upgrade offers a great tool to help customers identify clusters that are either under or over utilized. Users in the organization can compare resource utilization between all their clusters and view the costs associated with each one. Furthermore, they can understand the resource utilization of each node with a Kubernetes cluster. This new page on cluster and node costs can be found under Efficiency > Capacity. Further, users can also now create a cluster with the same name as a previously deleted one. 

Image of cluster and node costs shown in Fairwinds Insights

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

Releases 7.14.0-8.00 consisted mainly of bug tweaks and fixes. For more specific information on these enhancements, please visit our Release Notes any time. 

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