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Fairwinds Insights Release Notes 6.7.0-7.1.0: Spotlight on Reducing Kubernetes Alert Fatigue

We are always working on new features for Fairwinds Insights based on our customer feedback. We recently made several changes to our software. From bug fixes to compliance features to configuration settings, these release notes cover all our recent upgrades to Fairwinds Insights, to help users improve their Kubernetes security and governance. 

Feature Spotlight: Reducing Noise and Alert Fatigue

When using a configuration validation solution, there are times when it can become noisy with alerts. “Alert fatigue” can be painful as users respond to multiple configuration problems across multiple clusters. Fairwinds Insights helps aggregate findings from various tools and now includes advanced filtering so users can reduce the noise and the painful alert fatigue. We’ve added graphs in Action Items so teams can easily see alerts by severity, top issues, namespaces or workloads. 

Fairwinds Insights Release Notes

6.7.0 Admission Controller Kubernetes 1.22 Support

The Admission Controller was updated to support Kubernetes 1.22. This means users running 1.22 on their clusters are now able to use the Admission Controller feature in their own workloads. 

6.9.0 New Compliance Feature

This feature allows organizations to create Compliance Reports for their Kubernetes clusters. Customers can now keep track of their SOC 2, HIPAA and ISO compliances by creating reports and taking the self assessments for each check. During the self assessments, customers can provide evidence on how they are adhering to each check. The full report can also be downloaded as a PDF at any time. 

image of compliance reports in Fairwinds Insights

Configure the Admission Controller

Users are now able to configure settings for the Admission Controller through Insights. The Admission Controller can be set to passive mode which will perform the usual checks but will not black any admission requests. Furthermore, users are able to choose which reports should block admission requests. These settings are accessible to the organization’s owner when they visit the Install Hub on Admission Controller

6.11.0 Action Items Charts

The Action Items pages in Insights now have charts that visually categorize the Action Items by severity, top issues, top namespaces and top workloads. Users are also able to filter the Action Items table by clicking on the items in the charts. 

image of Fairwinds Insights Action Items tab

Bug Fixes and Improvements

For specific information on our recent bug fixes and improvement to Fairwinds Insights, please visit our Release Notes any time. For those of you who are already using our open source projects, we recently launched a user group. Join us! You can sign up here for the Fairwinds Open Source User Group and consider attending our next meet up on March 23rd, 2022. 

Use Fairwinds Insights

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