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Fairwinds Insights Release Notes 15.5.1-15.6.0: Policy Mappings

This month, we’ve made some updates to Fairwinds Insights that make it easier for you to manage policy and guardrails at scale across multiple clusters. Let’s explore these new capabilities and how they allow you to target certain resources with additional policy enforcement easily, giving you greater control over your Kubernetes infrastructure.

Policy Mappings

App Groups are collections of Kubernetes resources designed by users, matched on any Kubernetes metadata and defined across multiple clusters. Policy Mappings are user-defined collections of specific policies; they can apply to one or many App Groups. You can now easily create Policy Mappings in the Fairwinds Insights user interface. Once you’ve created them, you can use Policy Mappings to associate a set of policies with App Groups, so you can fine-tune Action Item reporting and block by resource and policy.

New Policy Mappings in Fairwinds Insights

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • Fix for time range on costs page
  • Fix for aggregating by label on costs
  • Fix for app group action item counts
  • Fix for cost saved views with labels
  • Fix for event type aggregation in Action Item Reports
  • Speed up for clusters page
  • Style fix on addons page
  • Fix for cluster switcher on Install Hub
  • Improvements to Aggregated Action Items page (links, team filtering)
  • Fix for repositories that report HEAD as the branch name
  • Fix for filtering by team in Action Items
  • Speed improvements to Clusters page
  • Fix for API server memory usage
  • Fix redirect on Install Hub for old clusters
  • Added a settings link to the Admission tab
  • Improvements to ticket updating

Questions About Fairwinds Insights or Kubernetes?

Please reach out to us with any questions about Insights, our latest updates, or how to manage Kubernetes at scale. We can walk through your questions about the latest functionality in Fairwinds Insights to help you take advantage of its capabilities or how our Managed Kubernetes provides mission-critical Kubernetes infrastructure. Please also consider joining the Fairwinds Community on Slack or the user group.

To stay up to date with Fairwinds Insights updates, read our release notes.