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Fairwinds Insights Release Notes 11.7-11.11: Costs Page Updates [Beta]

This month, the Fairwinds Insights release notes include helpful improvements and bug fixes in the Insights platform. We’re also very excited to share our Costs page updates, which are currently still in Beta (but going live soon). We've launched several excellent new features on the Costs page to help you make informed decisions about your costs, identify where spend is going, and get visualizations for recommendations. 

Cost Page Updates

Fairwinds Insights Costs page updates [beta] - costs over time

Donut Chart: contextualizes the numbers as you filter and aggregate data

Quick Views: jumps to useful sets of filters and aggregators

Fairwinds Insights Costs page updates [beta] - costs by cluster

Recommendation Visualizations: projects how recommended memory and CPU settings might affect your workloads

Bug Fixes and Improvements

We continue to make improvements and resolve bugs to ensure that Insights is working well for you. The latest fixes and improvements make it easier for you to identify and resolve issues with reliability, security, and cost efficiency quickly. Below are the adjustments we’ve made in releases 11.7-11.11:

filtering of OPA policies in the Policy page

[OPA Policy updates]

  • Fixed filtering of OPA policies in the Policy page

  • Removed the Set Up Insights section from the Home page

  • Minor UI fixes to the Costs page

  • Fix current usage and historical node capacity for cpu and memory in use

  • Small UI improvements to the Costs page

  • [Breaking] We released a fix for file references in the CI/CD script. You may see action items get fixed and re-opened in the first change using script 5.0. This will automatically roll out for auto-scan users.

  • Fixed an error when visiting Compliance page when there are no reports

  • Multiple UI improvements to the Efficiency > Capacity page

  • The tooltip in Efficiency > Capacity now displays correctly

  • Fixed issue with resizing of columns in Action Items table

  • Tooltip for Node capacity chart in Efficiency page has correct limits and requests

  • Added Quick views to the costs page

  • Some UI improvements to the Costs page

  • The Compare page was removed from the navigation bar. It is still available at insights.fairwinds.com/orgs/{org}/compare

  • Added falco and right-sizer to the automation rules options

  • Insights Agent 2.10 is now recommended in the Install Hub

Are you already using Fairwinds Insights? If not, try out the new tier to test out how the new Cost page updates can help you improve cost efficiency! It’s available for free for environments up to 20 nodes, two clusters, and one repo. Learn how to get started with the Insights Free Tier here. To get more details on how to use the newest features and stay up to date with Fairwinds Insights updates, view the release notes here.

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