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Fairwinds Insights Release Notes 11.2-11.6: Improved Cluster Overview

This month, the release notes for Fairwinds Insights include several bug fixes and improvements. We’ve updated the cluster overview page to change how the Action Items chart works. There is also new cluster data available, so you can quickly understand the overall state of your clusters by visiting this page.

Fairwinds Insights Cluster Vulnerabilities page

Typically, workload containers running inside the Kubernetes network are exposed to the outside world using an HTTP-based ingress controller; to make this secure, you need to add an SSL/TLS encryption-based configuration to the Kubernetes cluster. To verify whether you have TLS configured for your clusters, Insights now also includes automated compliance TLS for ingresses. You can run this compliance test automatically using Fairwinds Insights. Polaris, which is integrated into Insights, checks whether all ingresses within the Kubernetes cluster have TLS configured. 

Fairwinds Insights now also enables you to catch security issues earlier in the deployment process. The latest updates include a new Insights CI script that enables you to scan Terraform files, and the Auto-Scan feature allows you to scan private images. For more information about how this works, visit the Auto-Scan page in Insights documentation.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

We continue to make fixes and resolve bugs to ensure that your experience with Insights makes it easier for you to identify and resolve issues with reliability, security, and cost efficiency quickly. 

Fairwinds Insights user settings - time zone

  • Users may now select their time zone by visiting the User Settings > Region page

  • Users can now navigate to the Affected Images in the Vulnerabilities pages

  • Fixed the node capacity chart not showing in the Efficiency page

  • Fixed an issue with the Table View functionality on Action Items lists

  • Small improvements to the cluster overview page

  • Fixed creating third party ticket flow

  • Fixed Vulnerabilities - All Images page not loading for some organizations

  • New Sign Up flow for Insights

  • Improvements to the Costs page

  • Fixed redirect of the Upgrade button for free tier

  • Fixed editing of Compliance reports

  • Removed the Set up Insights from Cluster Overview page

If you’re not already using Fairwinds Insights, try out the new tier! It’s available for free for environments up to 20 nodes, two clusters, and one repo. Learn more about the Insights Free Tier here. To get more details on how to use the newest features and stay current date with  Fairwinds Insights updates, view the release notes here.

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