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Fairwinds Insights Release Notes 10.7-11.1: New Insights Continuous Integration (CI) Script

This month’s  Fairwinds Insights release notes include several bug fixes and improvements as well as a new Insights Continuous Integration (CI) script to improve the reliability of continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) scans. The new Insights CI script 2.2.0 now handles different Git checkout states better. 

With the updated Insights CI/CD script, Fairwinds Insights is able to handle various Git checkout states better, improving the reliability of CI/CD scans. Insights users who upgrade to the latest version of the Insights CI/CD script will see fewer errors such as "unable to GIT merge-base." 

Customers who use Insights Continuous Integration (CI) script can now also scan Terraform files for security weaknesses. This enables organizations to achieve greater Infrastructure-as-Code scan coverage. 

Please note that this feature is not yet available as part of Auto-Scan. To get the script, navigate to Repositories > Add Repository > Connect Manually.

Image of CI Installation in Fairwinds Insights

Bug Fixes and Improvements

We’ve made a lot of fixes over the past few weeks to make sure that Insights is as intuitive and comprehensive as possible, so you can focus on shipping cloud native apps fast.

  • Fixed Admission Controller result dropdown

  • Fixed Action Items list export sometimes not working

  • Minor UI fixes

  • Fixed Cost Over Time chart in Costs page

  • Hide settings and add repository buttons from non-owners

  • Updated Insights welcome Email

  • Insights Agent 2.9 is now recommended in the Install Hub

  • Status indicator for Auto-Scan repositories takes user to scan logs

  • Fixed order of Action Items in the Health Score card in Clusters

  • Added the file name to the Action Items card in Repositories

  • Added more states to Compliance report checks

  • Ability to filter compliance report checks by control IDs

  • Fixed advanced filtering in Costs beta page

Interested in trying Fairwinds Insights? It’s available for free for environments up to 20 nodes, two clusters, and one repo!  Learn more about the Insights Free Tier here. To learn how to use the newest features and to stay up to date with  Fairwinds Insights, view the release notes here.

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