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Fairwinds Insights 5.0.0 Release Notes

In June and July we were hard at work on our Fairwinds Insights 5.0.0 release. The 5.0.0 release includes new updates related to Kubernetes security, policy, and governance. We also added great new capabilities in 4.4.0 in June, which I’m including in this post. Other recent updates include a vulnerabilities UI, the ability to create tickets in Jira, and more! Learn more about the new features and additional functionality in our releases.

If you need continuous Kubernetes security monitoring, policy enforcement, and the ability to govern compliance and optimize costs, try Insights.

Fairwinds Insights 5.0.0 Release

SAML Capabilities - Beta

We are happy to announce that Insights now offers Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) capabilities! Contact us if you want to try it out or learn more about SAML capabilities in our documentation.

Save Views in Action Item Table

You can now save filtered views on the action items table. Use the star button at the top of the table and assign a name to the view. You will then be able to access that view in the future — without needing to re-select filtering options.

Navigation Scroll Bar

To improve usability in Insights, there’s now a scroll bar in repositories and clusters options in the navbar.

Improved Error Message Handling in the UI

We changed how Insights handles the presentation of error messages. It’s now possible to explicitly dismiss the notifications. Insights now also displays the error message for longer to allow you to read through the information.

Fixed Remediation Bug

Our team resolved an issue where information wasn’t showing up under remediation for Polaris action items.

Fixed Action Item Bugs

There was a bug where superusers couldn’t see action items in kube-system, which is now resolved. We also fixed a bug where some action items were hidden for non-admins on commonly named namespaces.

Fairwinds Insights 4.4.0 Release

Better Report Hub Syncing

Most Insights users encode their insights-agent installation in Infrastructure-as-Code rather than copying and pasting the Helm install instructions provided in the Insights UI. With this update, if you make a change in your Helm installation, the UI incorporates those changes automatically.

Sort/Filter by Ticket Creation

You can now sort and filter action items based on whether or not a ticket has been created.

Offline Reports stops showing Admission Controller

Fixes for Admission Controller

We’ve resolved a few minor issues in the Admission Controller:

  • Duplicate Action Items no longer trigger a 400 response
  • The Admission Controller doesn't run on a regular schedule, so it’s not possible to automatically detect whether it's offline or just quiet. To resolve that potential issue, you will no longer receive notifications that the Admission Controller is offline.

Try the latest version of Fairwinds Insights

If you've previously tried Fairwinds Insights but want to try any of the new features in Insights 5.0.0, please reach out to request a new 30 day trial.

To learn how to use these features and to stay current with Fairwinds Insights, view the latest release notes any time.

Some of you may already be using our open source projects. We recently launched an open source user group, and we’re always hoping for more people to join us! Sign up here for the Fairwinds Open Source Source User Group and join our next meetup in September.

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