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COVID-19 Hackathon: Pitch Your Pandemic App Ideas

We are living in unprecedented times. Our lives have been turned upside down as we all attempt to balance our unique set of circumstances. That’s why our inspiring team at Fairwinds launched the COVID-19 Hackathon

While we are not on the front lines fighting COVID-19, we want to do our part to contribute to the common good by finding solutions that make an impact. Working behind the scenes with the tremendous talent and innovation that exists in the Kubernetes engineering and developer community, Fairwinds, working with AWS, Datadog and GitLab, has announced a competition to encourage innovative thinkers to create Kubernetes-based web application ideas to address the pandemic.

Project Proposals

Starting immediately and running through April 10, 2020, people with ideas in the United States can pitch their project proposals for consideration. Proposals can be projects already underway or completely new ideas, though all entries must help address at least one of the following.

  • Reduce the Spread of COVID-19
  • Find a Cure for the Virus
  • Educate the Public on COVID-19
  • Rebuild the Economy

Hackathon Voting and Winners

Representatives from Fairwinds, AWS, GitLab and Datadog will judge the competition and vote on a solution, which will be announced on April 15, 2020. Application development will be open to the public to start immediately after. Sponsoring companies will provide the following to the winning project as they move from idea to tangible solution:

  • AWS will be offering six months of application hosting support*
  • GitLab will be where the project lives
  • Datadog will be offering free monitoring for six months*
  • Fairwinds will be offering free Kubernetes managed services for six months*

Project ideas may be submitted immediately by going to the following GitLab link and following the submission directions: http://covidhack.org/.

* Timeframes may adjust depending on variables of winning project