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Eric Hole is a Fairwinds alumni.

1 minute read
| December 20, 2017

Tech Talk: The Future of kops, AWS, and Kubernetes

With the release of AWS EKS (managed Kubernetes service), kops maintainers, Chris Love and Eric Hole, discuss the implications for the Kubernetes ecosystem. Read More
1 minute read
| May 23, 2017

The New Stack: Establishing Best Practices for Adopting Kubernetes

In this edition of The New Stack Makers, Justin Mound andEric Hole talk with Benjamin Ball about best practices that Fairwinds (f.k.a. ReactiveOps) perceives as emerging... Read More
8 minute read
| April 26, 2017

kops 102 - An Inside Look at Deploying Kubernetes on AWS the Fairwinds Way

In the last kops post,kops 101, I covered what kops is and why it’s the right choice for professional-grade Kubernetes installations. This week, I’ll cover the Fairwinds Way... Read More
6 minute read
| March 1, 2017

kops 101 - The Kubernetes Deployment Game-Changer

Kubernetesis an open-source platform for deployment, management, and orchestration of containerized applications. It was originally developed by Google, which leveraged more... Read More