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Fairwinds Insights Public Beta Program Announced

We’re excited to announce that Fairwinds Insights, our new SaaS platform, has launched a free public beta program! Fairwinds Insights is an Open Source as a Service platform for DevOps teams who manage multiple Kubernetes clusters and need visibility into potential problems.

The cloud-based platform features an extensible framework for plugging in great open source auditing tools for Kubernetes. Our free beta tier launches with a curated set of open source security, reliability and auditing tools: Fairwinds Polaris, Fairwinds Goldilocks, and Aqua Security’s Kube-hunter are all integrated out-of-the-box.

What Fairwinds Insights Addresses

Fairwinds Insights solves a few problems faced by DevOps teams who run Kubernetes: 

  • First, it eliminates the time-intensive process of researching, learning and deploying great Kubernetes auditing tools.
  • Second, it automatically organizes and normalizes data from each tool, so engineers get prioritized recommendations across all clusters. For example, each of the tools included in the beta program focus on a particular niche. The findings are organized by problem type and severity, making it easy to see what’s most important.
  • Finally, it enables DevOps teams to proactively manage the hand-off from development to production. 

Over the past few months, we’ve been working closely with early adopters to shape the product vision and direction. We’re now expanding access to any DevOps team who is running Kubernetes today and wants additional visibility into security and reliability improvements. 

Sign up for the Beta

During the beta, early adopters will have the opportunity to submit feedback and work closely with the Fairwinds product team. The beta program is limited to a seven day data history, and up to two clusters. Upon general availability, the platform will offer a free tier (that beta users will transition to), and commercial tier with additional enterprise capabilities.

Signing up is quick and provides instant access to the platform - check out fairwinds.com/insights for more details. We look forward to working with you!