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The Opportunity
Enable developers to self-service
Ensure Kubernetes is secure and compliant
Avoid building an internal tool
Fairwinds Insights
Integrated security and compliance into the full application lifecycle
Enable Kubernetes guardrails for developers to work securely and quickly
Saved time and resources with a purpose built SaaS solution

We spoke with Tristan Bates, SRE Platform Engineering Manager at PagerDuty, about why he uses Fairwinds Insights. Here Bates explains:

The Value of Fairwinds Insights

“Fairwinds Insights helps make life better for developers recognizing that software needs to be modern and drive business value. Fairwinds fits that mindset. We looked at what it would have taken us to build all the same features ourselves, patch together various tools, products, open source and glue code. We would have spent our entire budget and roadmap for this project running Kubernetes and future infrastructure on just doing that versus plugging in Fairwinds Insights and being able to take care of security and compliance guardrails in one place.”

Compliance and Security without Slowing Down

“One of the big things we monitor, and that's important to solve at an organization level are security and compliance standards that need to be in place for every team. We don’t necessarily want the teams to know about it, we want to make it easy to do the right thing without blocking productivity. That's why we use Fairwinds Insights, its Admission Controller and reporting to manage Kubernetes security and compliance at PagerDuty. We even integrate it through the entire lifecycle to alert teams if they are doing something that's out of what we're supposed to be doing.”

Enabling Kubernetes Service Ownership

“We practice a service ownership model at PagerDuty and realized that doesn't mean you have to understand everything. Using tools like Fairwinds Insights and of course, PagerDuty, makes all that simpler so users can focus on the important things.”

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