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Managed Kubernetes-as-a-Service

Fairwinds is the trusted software and services partner for running and optimizing mission-critical applications on Kubernetes

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Focus on Your Core Business Not Infrastructure

How can you accelerate delivery of differentiators, ensure secure and compliant infrastructure and keep Kubernetes updated? Fairwinds provides Managed Kubernetes-as-a-Service so you can focus on your core business.


Expertise and Efficiency

Add deep knowledge and experience to your team managing Kubernetes, ensuring your infrastructure is reliable, secure, and efficient.


Enhanced Automation & Tooling

Automate routine tasks, improve resource utilization, and streamline operations to enhance productivity.


Open Source Expertise & Development

Leverage Fairwinds open source software to improve Kubernetes performance, security, and efficiency.

“Fairwinds has saved us time and money by providing expert Kubernetes guidance, consulting, and implementation, allowing us to focus on building services instead of maintaining infrastructure.”

Nimret Sandhu, Director of Technical Cloud Operations – Zonar

Why Managed Kubernetes-as-a-Service

Kubernetes Consistency The ability to easily spin up clusters is great — until they need to be managed. Fairwinds’ expert team helps you consolidate and standardize your Kubernetes environment.
Kubernetes Adoption or Migration Fairwinds helps guide your migration and adoption of Kubernetes without needing to hire a team of in-house experts.
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K8s Lifecycle Management Spend time optimizing your Kubernetes platform into the developer platform you require. Leave the time consuming upgrades of K8s and third-party add-ons to Fairwinds.
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Support K8s for Third- Party Applications For teams only utilizing K8s for a subset of their environment, Fairwinds manages it so you can easily adopt 3rd party apps without diverting and retraining your team.

Managed Kubernetes-as-a-Service Powered by Expert People and Best-in-Class Software

With extensive experience creating, deploying, and managing production-grade clusters for companies of all sizes, Fairwinds empowers organizations to design and deploy cloud-native applications at scale through its people-led services enabled with software.

Fairwinds SREs provide expertise and deep Kubernetes knowledge, becoming part of your platform engineering team to run the core Kubernetes infrastructure, perform upgrades, and support your decision making. Fairwinds maintains the core infrastructure so platform engineering can focus on enabling the business-specific needs of developers.


Fairwinds Managed Kubernetes-as-a-Service

Fairwinds helps you implement and manage production-grade Kubernetes infrastructure. From cluster setup to configuration and monitoring to ongoing optimization, Fairwinds makes your infrastructure fast, secure, and stable.
White-Glove Kubernetes Management Get a fully implemented and managed EKS, AKS, or GKE environment with end-to-end management of your Kubernetes infrastructure.
Specialized Expertise and Advisory Fairwinds acts as an extension of your platform team, providing deep Kubernetes expertise. We empower your teams to leverage Kubernetes more effectively.
Operational Efficiency Remove the operational burden of Kubernetes management placed on your in-house team. Your engineers focus on building and enhancing mission-critical apps and services.
Development Workflow Integrations Ensure K8s is fully compatible with your existing development workflows and tools. Improve productivity with streamlined CI/CD pipelines to enhance deployment velocity.

Need Help Developing Standards and Optimizing Costs?

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Kubernetes Configuration Benchmark Report

See how your container and Kubernetes configurations compare to other organizations.

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of organizations are not setting liveness probes for workloads.

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of organizations have 91-100% of workloads running with unsecure capabilities.

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have left over half of their workloads open to privilege escalation.