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Don’t be a Kubernetes Helpdesk

Kubernetes governance for platform engineers to enable devs to ship cloud native apps faster

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Kubernetes Security, Optimization and Reliability in One

Simplify complexity, remove team friction and find a unified view between Dev, Sec and Ops with Fairwinds Insights.


Make Kubernetes Secure and Compliant

Ensure consistency and avoid Kubernetes misconfigurations across multiple teams, clusters and tenancy.


Accurately Measure Kubernetes Costs

Establish a better understanding of workloads to optimize cost and rightsize applications.


Enable Developers with K8S Service Ownership

Remove guesswork around resource requirements and apply guardrails to build and ship software faster.

“Insights saves the platform team one to two weeks of work —and developers even more time. “We’ve gone from a manual process over weeks to a fully automated process saving significant time and resources.”

Vibin Daniel – Manager, Platform Engineering, Variant

Simplified Kubernetes for DevOps Teams

The Kubernetes native software continuously scans clusters to ensure applications are shipped quickly and configured for scale, reliability, resource efficiency and security.


Integrate with the Development Tools Your Teams Love

Fairwinds Insights supports your favorite languages and seamlessly integrates with your tools, pipelines, and workflows.

Why Insights is Different – and Better

Successfully employ open source tools across your Kubernetes environment. You’ll need multiple tools installed and configured across your clusters to ensure security, resource optimization, and reliability checks. Without central visibility into what’s happening, time and resources are wasted. We know because we, too, had this problem.

Not just security software, not just cost software, and not just policy software, Fairwinds provides a single platform that encompasses all of these requirements. In one dashboard view, teams can assess security, control app rightsizing and cost optimization, enforce policy and enable service ownership. No longer do DevOps teams need to select multiple vendors to solve each specific problem.


Kubernetes Configuration Benchmark Report

See how your container and Kubernetes configurations compare to other organizations.

0 %

of organizations are not setting liveness probes for workloads.

0 %

of organizations have 91-100% of workloads running with unsecure capabilities.

0 %

have left over half of their workloads open to privilege escalation.