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Polaris Snapshot

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Sign up for instant access to Polaris Snapshot.

Something as simple as forgetting to configure resource requests or limits could break autoscaling or even cause your workloads to run out of resources. Small configuration issues like this have led to production outages in the past — now they’re entirely preventable with Polaris.

Polaris helps you avoid configuration issues that affect the stability, reliability, scalability, and security of your applications. It provides a simple way to identify shortcomings in your deployment configuration and prevent future issues. 

We developed Polaris with three key components:

  1. A dashboard that provides an overview of how well current deployments are configured within a cluster.
  2. An experimental validating webhook that can prevent any future deployments that do not live up to a configured standard.
  3. The ability to audit local YAML files so that CI/CD pipelines will fail if Polaris detects any error-level issues.

After submitting the form, you will be redirected immediately to Polaris Snapshot so you can begin scanning your cluster.

Interested in the open source? Check out Polaris on Github.