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Fairwinds Insights Demo

Find out-of-date or deprecated Helm Charts, so you can make sure you’re always aware of updates with Fairwinds Insights

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Fairwinds Insights allows you to apply the benefits of Nova across a fleet of clusters and teams. Easily find and update all out of date charts. This will help ensure continuous Kubernetes security monitoring, policy enforcement and governance.

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Benefits of Fairwinds Insights for Kubernetes security, policy and governance

  • Multi-cluster visibility - Gain visibility across all clusters and teams with a centralized platform that prioritizes findings against security, reliability and efficiency and offers remediation recommendations.
  • Continuous security - Fairwinds Insights continuously monitors all Kubernetes clusters for security misconfigurations and ensures best practices are followed. Pinpoint container risks in CI/CD through to production and get CVE details and actionable version upgrade recommendations.
  • Policy and governance enforcement - Stay compliant by defining and enforcing configuration best practices and compliance rules across all clusters from a single control plane.
  • Optimize workload compute to save money - Insights makes recommendations for CPU and memory requests/limits based on actual workload usage. On average customers save 36% on cloud spend with Fairwinds Insights.

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