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Introducing Fairwinds Insights: New Software to Run Secure and Reliable Kubernetes Workloads

Having served as a CTO for application and data security companies over the past 15 years, I’ve seen the challenges companies have encountered in trying to secure critical data and infrastructure. The adoption of Kubernetes and containers presents new challenges for development, IT and security teams. With any new technology there are many potential gaps that may be created until teams have mastered the new approaches needed to secure these new environments. With Kubernetes and containers in particular, it represents a whole new way of deploying software. Many of the traditional security frameworks and processes no longer work, or need to be significantly revised, to protect applications and data in this new realm.

Our focus as an organization has always been around Kubernetes enablement. Today, I’m very proud to announce the general availability of Fairwinds Insights. This marks the culmination of turning years of Kubernetes expertise into software that helps validate configurations to improve security, reduce costs, save time and run reliable workloads. Fairwinds Insights continues to enable successful Kubernetes deployments by protecting and optimizing mission-critical applications.

Fairwinds Insights solves three main challenges for Kubernetes teams:

  1. Development, security and operations teams struggle to maintain consistent, secure Kubernetes-based applications.
  2. Trial-and-error CPU and memory resource settings eat into engineering time and can result in over-provisioning cloud capacity or under-performing applications.
  3. Traditional monitoring tools don’t provide everything required to proactively identify changes needed to maintain reliable Kubernetes workloads.

Over the last five months, we’ve beta tested Fairwinds Insights with dozens of customers actively using it. We’ve received great feedback and validation of the problem we’ve solved: 

Provide actionable answers to “Am I doing this right?” for developers and SREs.  

As companies embrace DevOps, i.e., the integration of development and operations, to shorten the time to market for delivering new software and services, the reality is that the process is never as seamless as hoped or envisioned. Steps missed lead to misconfigurations that cause security gaps, inefficiencies or unreliability.  

Our Fairwinds SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) team saw this problem across the Kubernetes community and wanted to improve it. By combining our expertise with trusted open source tools and collaboration workflows, Fairwinds Insights identifies the missed steps at the handoff between development, security, and operations. 

With Fairwinds Insights, DevOps teams now have a tool for improving their cloud native workflows in a secure, efficient and reliable manner.

Fairwinds Insights | Managing Kubernetes Configuration for Security, Efficiency and Reliability